Free Grocery Delivery

Our foundation is proud to provide FREE DELIVERY services to our ELDERLY, SICK, and DISABLED for all essentials and groceries , for those living in Los Angeles!!
Please contact us to sign up to RECEIVE services ,or to VOLUNTEER during these tough times.
Please join us by volunteering , sharing your car, or giving time and efforts.
Please SHARE with all your friends and family!
Let’s help those in need among us during these tough times.

Help the children get transportation to school

These are babies in Kindergarten and elementary school ,between the ages of 6 to 10 years old ,walking to their school in the brutal freezing midwest winter!
Thank you so much for your donations and support! Last year, on a separate Facebook fundraiser, we raised enough funds to sponsor 10 kids (K-4) , 5-9 year olds.
We have many more left this year ,same age and circumstances . Please don’t forget the “GIVING spirit” ,during this time of the year!!

Here’s LAST YEAR‘s story:
“IL budget cuts will cause many Illinoisan children ,”babies” ,to walk up to 3 MILES a day this FREEZING WINTER!
A “Kids School Busing Sponsorship” program. It’s for impoverished children who can’t afford a ride to school, and don’t qualify for a school bus pick up! Meaning …they can walk up to almost THREE MILES a day (total back and forth distance) in the FREEZING COLD WINTER !!! Not to mention the unsafe conditions, NO SIDEWALKS ,and dangerous routes they have to go through!smh..
Please join us and sponsor these kids in need , help them seek education and get safely to school.

Our Adopted Basketball Team!!

CONGRATULATIONS to “The Panthers “ for winning First place The HBYT SHOOTOUT at the Riverplex!!
Our awesome 8th graders youngsters team ,that we just adopted recently!! In efforts to offer mentorship ,guidance and healthy activities to our help fight crime in our beloved city!
Special thanks to my brother Tony Brown , for taking good care of our team.

Congratulations!!!🎊 Our second adopted Youth Basketball Team (5th and 6th grade) got first place in Macomb IL!
These kids can’t stop making us proud!!